Patient information

Your hospital admission will be arranged by your doctor who will inform you of the day and in some cases, the time you need to come to hospital.

Often the hospital may also phone you to confirm your admission time but follow your doctor's instructions if you don't hear from the hospital.

On your admission day, please go to the main reception desk located close to the main entrance of the hospital.

After your admission has been registered by our reception team you will be transferred to an appropriate admission area. In this area you will often meet with your Anaesthetist and be prepared for your surgery. You will go directly from here to the operating theatre. If you are having day surgery, you will return to this area. If you are staying with us overnight or for a few days after your operation you will be transferred to your ward after surgery. You may be admitted to the hospital on the day prior to surgery if your Doctor believes this to be important.

Please note that if you are being admitted for reasons other than surgery or in some surgical cases you will be admitted directly to your room.

Northpark Private Hospital has both private and shared rooms each with an ensuite.

Our rooms all have personal bedside televisions, with radio, telephones and nurse call facilities.

Local calls are free of charge, and phone cards can be purchased for mobile or STD calls.

Overnight patient discharge

Discharge time is between 9.00am and 10.00am.

We ask that you make arrangements to be picked up accordingly.

If you are unable to leave hospital at this time, you may be asked to vacate your room and wait in a patient lounge.

Day surgery patients

Patients must have a responsible adult accompany them home and stay with them overnight after discharge.

At the time of your admission we will be able to advise you of the approximate time that you will be ready for discharge/ready to leave hospital.

Some hospitals will ask that you please make arrangements for a friend or relative to phone the hospital approximately two hours after your admission time to find out the time of discharge.

Some will prefer to phone your friend or relative shortly before you are ready to be picked up.

Your hospital will advise you of their process in this area.

Things NOT TO DO for the first 24 hours after leaving hospital:

Use any dangerous machinery and tools

Sign any legal documents

Drink alcohol

Activities which requires coordination and/or a high level of alertness

Drive a motor vehicle. Motor vehicle insurance policies may be void in the event of an accident.

N.B Your doctor will advise if the time frame varies on any of the above activities.

It is not recommended that patients bring in electrical items i.e. hair dryers, electric shavers and radios.

If there is an electrical item that you will require during your stay, our Maintenance Department are required to check the equipment prior to usage.

Patients may use computers but there is no provision for internet access. There is no responsibility accepted by the hospital for loss or damage to your personal computer.

If you would like to send feedback via email please click here

Insured patients and private health insurance

Healthscope has agreements with the majority of private health funds to cover the hospital charges for your admission.

Depending on your level of cover, some policies require you to pay an excess or co-payment and you will be asked to pay this prior to, or on admission.

In addition, health fund policies require members to serve waiting periods before they will provide cover, and some levels of cover have excluded services.

Pre-existing ailment rules may also apply and your cover may be subject to these rules. We therefore strongly recommend that you contact your health fund to confirm your cover prior to your admission.

Your account for hospitalisation will include your accommodation and theatre fees and other chargeable items in accordance with Healthscope's current fee agreement with your health fund.

You will be asked to complete and sign a health insurance claim form on admission. We will submit your claim directly to your health fund on your behalf.

It is important that you know that in the event that your health fund rejects your claim for reimbursement for any reason, the hospital will seek to recover any amounts outstanding from you.This is why it is important that you check your level of cover with your health fund prior to admission.

Self funded / without private health fund cover

If you are a self funded patient you may be required to pay an estimate of the total amount of the hospital account prior to admission to confirm your booking or the estimated total cost on admission.

You will be required to pay any positive difference in your account on discharge. If the amount paid by you was in excess of the amount required to cover the cost of your care you will receive a refund from the hospital.

Estimated hospital costs will be provided prior to your admission by your Doctor or the hospital. We endeavour at all times to provide an accurate estimate, but unforeseen circumstances can occur and additional costs may be incurred.

Workcover / Worksafe / Third Party Insurance

If your admission is as a result of a Workcover / Worksafe, Third Party or Public Liability claim, the hospital will require prior written approval for your admission from the relevant insurance company. Your admission cannot be confirmed or proceed until this approval is received.

Any claims that have not been approved by the insurance company will be treated as a self funded admission and the estimated hospital costs will be payable by you.

Payment methods prior to or on admission The hospital accepts cash, bank cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard for any amounts payable. A credit card surcharge of 1.5% applies for VISA and MasterCard. Personal cheques are not accepted.

If choosing to pay by EFTPOS, please note that most financial institutions have a daily limit of $1,000.

Northpark Private Hospital's front office staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have in relation to patient fees on 03 9468 0100.

Download our Hospital Guide HERE.

To assist with communication, phone interpreters can be arranged for non-english speaking patients and/or their carers.

A fee may be charged to patients for this service.

Please notify your nurse if this service is required.

Northpark Private Hospital provides care for many patients from rural areas, from time to time relatives will require local accommodation whilst their loved one is in hospital.

Our closest motel is the Quest Bundoora and they would be more than happy to discuss current specials available, they can be contacted on (03) 8306 0600.

Incoming mail is sorted and distributed each weekday.

Mail for discharged patients will be readdressed and forwarded.

Stamped mail may be handed to reception staff for posting.

What is Patient Finder?

Patient Finder is a quick and easy way to provide your family and friends with information about your location during your hospital stay. It is designed mainly to assist friends and relatives of patients undergoing surgery. It will allow them to track your progress through theatre, recovery and your return to the ward. The ward, room number and in some cases the phone extension number in your room are included in the displayed information. If you change wards and rooms during your hospital stay, Patient Finder will display your updated location.

How is Patient Finder accessed?

There are two ways for your family and friends to access Patient Finder

Shortly after you are admitted to hospital, an SMS message will be sent to the mobile phone number held in your hospital record. Forward this message onto family and friends. This message contains a web link to the Patient Finder app. They just need to click on the link to open Patient Finder. It provides your location and displays other key pieces of information as shown here.

Reception will supply a Patient Finder card containing information including a web address that can be entered into their browser. Alternatively they can scan the QR code provided on the back of the card. They then need to enter the state, the hospital name and your admission number to access your hospital location. Reception will have written your admission number on the back of the card.

Patient Finder provides your family and friends with the comfort of easily knowing where you are in the hospital at any given time.

Patients are asked to leave valuables at home.

If you inadvertently arrive with jewellery, large amounts of money or any other valuables, please ask family members to take them home.

If this is not possible, please let the Nurse Unit Manager of your ward know so that valuables can be recorded and secured.

Ministers of religion are available and will visit you upon request and requests can be made to nursing staff.

Northpark Private Hospital is also supported by Sylvia Peacock, a local pastoral care worker who visits twice weekly. If you are interested in her visit please notify the Nurse Unit Manager.

Tram and bus routes are located in Plenty Rd at the front of the hospital for convenient access. Please refer to the Public Transport Victoria website for further information on bus routes and schedules.

Northpark Private Hospital is very proud to acknowledge our veterans.

Please identify yourself and staff will inform our Veterans' Liaison Officer who is available to assist with any needs or enquiries.

A visit from the RSL can be arranged if desired by you.

Each year Northpark Private Hospital conducts an ANZAC Day Service and all past veteran patients are invited to attend the commemorative service.

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